Feeling thirsty? Lucky you!!!

You get to choose between local and imported wines, Keo and Carsberg beers chilled and on draught, more imported spirits than Barney knows how to count (and Fred knows how to say “No” to) and the widest, wildest range of the bestest cocktails the Jurassic era!! Last time I looked there were over 40 on the list ranging from Dino’s Brew, (not for the faint or weak hearted), through to Betty’s Delight. (I can’t go into details here, but the barman may tell you……..)

All this served by our resident cave-persons either in the balmy fresh air of sunny Cyprus or else in air conditioned comfort indoors, or – if you are still capable of walking – both!

All in all it is a unique family bar with a great atmosphere….take the kids in the afternoon and the partner of your choice at night!