When the sun goes down in Agia Napa there is a special ambience that attracts people of all ages and persuasions. On every narrow street of Agia Napa the visitors discovers scores of interesting restaurants, pubs, tavernas cafes and discos. If variety is the spice of life, than Agia Napa has something to satisfy everyone’s taste. The Cypriot’s appreciation for the good life and his innate love of fine simple foods is reflected at his table and in his leisurely style of entertainment.

Dining out in a very popular and pleasant pastime in Agia Napa. Apart from the typical Cypriot meze which is comprised of about 15-30 traditional island dishes served in colourful charming tavernas, there are also countless restaurants that specialise in French, Italian and Chinese food. For a quick snack there are always Cafes and Pubs that will welcome you.

Bars, Discos, NightClubs and Bouzouki Clubs are open till the early hours of the morning. Most hotels have nightly entertainment with a resident band where there are Greek nights and Greek Folk dancing for your enjoyment.

This bright, cosmopolitan town has it all. A vibrant, lively and in many ways, extraordinary place with a magnetism all its own, Agia Napa enthusiastically invites locals and tourists alike to merge as one and to participate in the excitement of her surroundings.

Fine casual atmosphere, live music, good food and warm hospitality make anywhere you choose to spend and evening a memorable occasion. Agia Napa by night is sensational. Enjoy!

You can get in the Clubs for less if you get the special flyers from the Ayia Napa Square. There are a number of club representatives in the Ayia Napa Square and they give those flyers all night long. Ask them what is the special deal with their flyer so you can find the best deal!

During the late hours in Ayia Napa is better to use a taxi which is very cheep, 3-5 Cyprus Pounds and you can share the money of the ride with your friends. The roads do not have a lot of lights and is not very safe to drive your rented bike or scooter.

The nights in Ayia Napa begin from the square of Ayia Napa. From 10pm people start gathering at the square and the place becames a big party under the summer sky. You can get your drink from one pub and move around the square.

The pubs in Ayia Napa work from early in the afternoon until 1.30am. The clubs open their doors around 1.30am and go up to 4am. For all of you party people there are some after hour clubs that work from 3am till the morning!

Food & Drink

The traditional meze (appetizers) is usually some of everything that is available that day in the restaurant – as many as 30 dishes, starting with soup and salad; then such traditional hot dishes as haloumi, mousaka, afelia, stifado, souvlaki, sieftalia and calamari; ending with sweets. Good but inexpensive wines accompany this lingering repast.


Cyprus Police is very strict with drugs. DRUGS are not allowed in Cyprus. If you are arrested using or having any kind of drugs, you WILL be sent back to your country after paying a penalty that can be time spent in prison or money.