They say that Bedrock Inn is the place for music, singing and dancing! It’s true! We have the best performers on stage. They are people with humor, beautiful voices and full of funny actions. Their job is to amuse you, to make you feel at home and of course to make you shout out loud…”Wilmaaaa I’m hoooome!!!”

Every night is Karaoke night at Bedrock Inn. Five MC’s start spinning the discs and crooning, which gets the crowd hyped and raring to go. The Kids get a chance in the early evening to belt out a few tunes, when we often see some real stars in the making. By this time the place is buzzing and the stage is set for a fabulous night of unique Flintstone fun. With anything up to 4000 people swinging through the bar every night there is no shortage of volunteers to grace your ears with their smooth tones. No one feels uncomfortable at Bedrock. after all if You’ve heard Wilma’s melodious renditions, you’ll realize that the crowd will love you no matter what, and being fellow cave men and women we know how to help you relax.

There are prizes every night, and once a week opportunity really knocks and you cave folk can compete for our grand prize. which is a trip to Israel or Egypt. We have a choice of over 4000 tracks to choose from and the latest tunes, so you are guaranteed to find something that will impress the crowd. The real enthusiasts can even get themselves on video as they sing live – and with the JBL sound system cranking out 6000 watts (what?) take it from me – no-one will be ignoring your performance!